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We Hate Hot Topic!!!

Hot Topic Haters R Us

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Anti-Hot Topic
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Hot Topic. . .industrializes subcultures, institutionalizes anarchism, and makes kids feel bad-ass when they wear a button that reads "Punk". The filthy-rich corporate owners of this massive chain sit back and laugh as teenagers and 10 year olds snatch up they're overpriced garbage. They know these kids aren't anarchists, and they know these kids enjoy labeling themselves to make themselves look cooler.Are you sick and tired of seeing little rich suburban kids walking around with badly dyed hair and wearing Che Guevara shirts that read "Fight Oppression"? Are you tired of good music becoming a joke and a pawn of the corporate world? Are you tired of the subcultures you've known and loved getting pimped by rich bastards? And becoming a joke?
Rant about how much this store sucks.
Give suggestions for alternative stores.
Piss on the windows!
Tap into your ranting angst.
This is your community

Disclaimer: Anonymous posts and comments are banned.

Thanks to dumbasses, this community is now under moderation.You must be approved to become a member.

The No-Nos:
1. Do NOT advertise your shit. This is not Ebay. Merely give suggestions for OTHER STORES.
2. Do NOT join just for the sake of rambling about how awesome hot topic is. The members will only stomp you with their combat boots right before I DELETE your post.
3. Do NOT get all bitchy and post 50 times a day.
4. DO NOT advertise other communities.

Peace in the Middle East

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