m o c h i (shesahustler) wrote in anti_hot_topic,
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"love beads"

i haven't seen an update here in ages but recently it has come to my attention that HT is selling "kandie" [pony beads...rave beads for you non-knowers]. now i have been a kandie kid for years now and these pony bead bracelets you see piled on my arms have meaning to them and represent somebody i know and/or met. HT is known for bringing the undergorund to the mainstream but they have gone too far this time, in my most humble opinion. i am OUTRAGED that they think that these are to be marketed items. just goes to show how much they really know.

pics credited to my friend jellybean.

just for good measure, this is what kandie should look like. what HT is trying to make money off of

yes that is me at a rave lol

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