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We Hate Hot Topic!!! [entries|friends|calendar]
Anti-Hot Topic

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Well, seeing as I'm new here and all... [29 Dec 2010|12:56am]

I might as well post this, which seems to be what newbies have to post.

Name or Handle: Mib.
Age: 15
Sex: Female.
Location (State): Texas.
Musical Preference: Bipolar, I have no favorite music, just a bunch of stuff I think is good listed in my bookmarks.
Complete the sentence: Thank you, Hot Topic for ruining ______: Invader Zim.

Describe Hot Topic in one word: No word can describe the amount of hostility I hold towards Hot Topic.
Describe Hot Topic in one sentence: Hot Topic is a store that claims to sell "uniqueness" (even though we all know that's a fucking LIE), and helps me to separate those of the human race that are informed from those who are completely clueless.
Are you a former employee?: No.
From that experience, how do you feel about the store?: Never worked there.
Do you like the phrase, "I Poke Badgers with Spoons?": Hell no.
Why or why don't you like that phrase?: Because it sounds like a sad attempt made by a pre-teen girl in hopes of sounding "like, so totally random".
Do you plan on contributing an entry to this community?: Oh, you know it.
Do you shop at the mall?: Admittedly, I do, but I only go there when I need clothes for school, or gifts, and I make sure not to shop at Hot Topic, at least over at American Eagle or Hollister most of the clothes are quality, Hot Topic doesn't even make an effort.
Do you believe in corporate greed?: Yes, there IS such a thing as corporate greed.
Do you know what country Che Guevara is from? (tell me): Rosario, Argentina.
Which do you prefer
Spiked Wristband or Terry Cloth Wristband?: Neither.
Black Lipstick or Eyeglitter?: Neither. I do wear eyeliner, though.
Oi! or Emo?:  Neither. 
Buttons or Patches?: Patches. Buttons fall off all the time.
Armwarmers or Thigh Highs?: Neither.
Combat boots or Platforms?:Combat boots, they're comfy and never wear out.
Safety Pins or D-rings?: Safety pins, they're extremely useful.
Rainbow Brite or Pacman?: Are you kidding me? Pac-man, because the game was fun, but as accessories? HELL no.
Industrial or Nu Metal?: Industrial, but I've gotten pretty tired of 'goths' only listening to industrial because that's the 'goth' thing to do, it gives it SUCH a bad name.

And let me see... picture picture...can't find one I can link you guys to, but I use my own picture as my profile picture.
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"love beads" [29 May 2009|03:42pm]

[ mood | angry ]

i haven't seen an update here in ages but recently it has come to my attention that HT is selling "kandie" [pony beads...rave beads for you non-knowers]. now i have been a kandie kid for years now and these pony bead bracelets you see piled on my arms have meaning to them and represent somebody i know and/or met. HT is known for bringing the undergorund to the mainstream but they have gone too far this time, in my most humble opinion. i am OUTRAGED that they think that these are to be marketed items. just goes to show how much they really know.

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Goth Taco is meant to please. [09 Aug 2008|11:57pm]


Don't get all mad at anyone about this. We are totally joking.
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[20 Feb 2008|10:34pm]

Hello, everyone. I just joined to spread the word that not only does Hot Topic suck, but that they are also crooked, greedy, thieving bastards.

I discovered just a few days ago that Hot Topic blatantly ripped off the Lil' Soap design from Threadless. For those of you who don't know how Threadless works, all of their shirt designs are made by armature artists who submit their work for prize money and the chance to have their art printed on Threadless tees. They're not stealing from big proffessionals, they're stealing from small-time artists who are trying to make a name for themselves.

I informed both Threadless and the original artist. As you can imagine, the artist is pretty damn livid.

I hope you all will be as enraged by this as I am. I own that Lil' Soap t-shirt. Corporate assholes.
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[11 Feb 2008|09:00pm]

store-bought individuality is an attack on American culture.
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[28 Oct 2007|04:43pm]

Hi, I'm Zoë, formerly rogue_explorer, one of your maintainers. Just wanted to alert anyone who is reading that I've changed accounts. Keep on with your anti-fake-individuality-ness. Oh, and Happy Halloween!
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Certainly NOT hottopic. [09 Jun 2007|10:31pm]

I lurk a lot, but mostly because I'm busy being productive on the homefront!

I just recently started selling clothing that I have made, and I figured I'd let you guys know. Hope you don't think these are knockoffs of namebrands, I've seen many people make those and it's kind of lame. I'm an aspiring fashion designer and I spend a lot of spare time thinking up new ideas.

I don't have that much so far, but I'm hoping with any money I make I can buy more fabric and create more stuff. I recently bought a Superior dress form so I can make corsets and bodices, so I'm very strapped for cash.

Thanks for looking!

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Stupid Phrases [07 Oct 2006|12:06pm]

I'm really sick and tired of stupid, pointless phrases on T-Shirts, stickers, decals and other labeled merchandise. These items should be used for social change, or even local band promotion! If hot topic was REALLY all about the music, they would support local music merchandise wherever a store is placed.
How about instead of "I Poke Badgers With Spoons" or "You Looked Better On Myspace, they sell shirts that challenge the lies surrounding 9/11 or media censorship. Or even shirts that urge people to support the local arts- if they're REALLY "about the music".
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Gothic lolita..... [15 Sep 2006|05:02pm]

Just letting you guys know that uh... Black Orchid made a new "gothic lolita" dress, which is very ugly actually, and I think it's another copy of a brand dress. It has -velvet- going down the middle of it and screams "NEED MORE RACE!"

Also, Lip Service has a victorian-esque line coming out...

Link to Hot Topic retardedness
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What's next? [25 Jul 2006|10:39pm]

[ mood | wtf ]

I am highly outraged at one of Hot Pocket's latest item of merchandise -


I absolutely love Psycho le Cemu but what the fuck is this? So now, kids get to run around claming that they "Love Psycho le Cemu" now just because they bought the shirt. What a fantastic way to tarnish a great band. I wonder what band they will be advertising next. It's already enough that they sell Cure magazine.

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For all you "scene kids" out there [21 Jul 2006|01:54pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hot Topic has taken out that extra step in making pants for all you "scene kids" out there.


I love how Hot Pocket takes out the originiality of everything. For just 40$ you can have your own "scene" pants! Looks just like they came from your own sewing machine!

You know, I think if I wore these kinds of pants and spent time making them for myself, I would be kind of pissed off at this point.

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[17 Jul 2006|11:25pm]

Awhile back, I stopped in Hot Topic.

I bought a band T-shirt.

On the bag it said: "Celebrating Punk 1976-2006"

Something to that effect.
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Hot Topic is NOT Punk Rock [12 Jul 2006|01:23am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I was VERY bored today and looked up Hot Topic on youtube. This is what I found. :D So amusing.

Actually, just look up Hot Topic on youtube in general. Funny shit, if you're sitting on your ass at 2 in the morning with nothing better to do like me.

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Again, oui? [24 Jun 2006|03:10am]

More jrock -- this time it's Phantasmagoria -- a little less known band?



Maybe deep inside I wish for a Malice Mizer tee-shirt because I've never seen one o_o; >_> For internet sell only.
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lip Service [22 May 2006|12:33am]

What I hate most about hottopic is the clothing. Yeah, I know it's pretty much why we all hate hottopic, but this is deeper than that. Lippy makes two lines of clothing, I'm not so sure you all know that. They make one line, which is all the awesome stuff such as the Road to Ruin for lines, pissed and proud, stretch fucking twill, etc etc. The 'underground' '80s' ''gothic' clothing. These items are sold at boutiques and other exclusive stores such as Trash and Vaudvile(nyc) and other stores around the nation that are NOT hottopic.

Then you have the mighty Hottopic. LIpservice makes seperate clothing for this blasted store, clothing that isn't unique and is disgusting. clothing that gives LIp Service and other good brands (such as tripp) a bad name.

Now, what annoys me the worst, is the fact that many people don't know the difference. So automatically assuming that I'm wearing tripp or lippy, they label with the hottopic poser curse and think they are better.

Has anyone noticed the incidious corruption here!??!
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[30 Apr 2006|04:01pm]
Hello~! I'm new and all that. But, I saw this http://www.hottopic.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=185952

And I am very angry! And they have Cure there too! I am so sad ;____;
And there name is Dir en grey! Not Dir En Grey! Stupids....
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[27 Apr 2006|07:43pm]

I guess we'll be having little Vargs running around now:


I had that book requested about 3 years ago at the local mall in Waldens. I still haven't picked it up. e.e;
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read this [27 Apr 2006|03:55pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

This is to all new members, people who are looking to join and people who may have forgotten

Before you leave that comment saying "Hot Topic is kewl, y0u guyz r s0000 stoopid!!!1!1one!1" chew on this -- don't even bother. In case you're too stupid to read the fucking rules, I am making this entry for you.

I have been on vacation and came across a post and some comments that were made here that got my attention.

As it says in the rules & info "THIS IS NOT EBAY". So take your mindless info elsewhere.

Second off, as if this hasn't been said enough, you can like Hot Topic, thats fine, but don't give us your two cents. Go complain about it in your own journal or something else because we don't give a shit. You're only making yourself look like a retard by saying stupid things.

If you want a group for talking about both views on Hot Topic, then go to hot_topicdebate and see if somebody gives a shit there. Go join a pro-HT community for all we care. Jump off a bridge in your "Taking Back Sunday" shirt. As long as we don't have to hear about it, everything is alrite.

Thanks for reading. If I see another pro-HT comment, your ass is getting banned. I'm sick of whiny bitches. I also vote that anonymous comments be disallowed, what do the other mods think of this?


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Help me [24 Apr 2006|10:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I dress in "weird" clothing and I over do make-up hair and I only wear dresses and skirts (I lean into the Gothic lolita fashion mostly more like Mana a Japanese Jrocker) I need to find a place to work I wanted to know if anyone knows of any places that would let me work there without having to change everything besides Hot Topic I posted here because I think some of you will understand. (If you dress up everyday and could never imagin having to dress like a normal person? or whatever people think is normal) lets just say I put enough make-up and hair things to make a crossdresser jealous (but cute?) thank you I really need the help but I can't stand Hot Topic it makes me so angry since the clothing just q;nhg;pqerguiqefgq;pa I can't stand ugly clothes and cheap ass fabric! It makes me want to punch a bitch... ok thank you once again.

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So they're "gangsta" now? [18 Apr 2006|12:56am]

[ mood | confused ]


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