Mibzamillion (mibzamillion) wrote in anti_hot_topic,

Well, seeing as I'm new here and all...

I might as well post this, which seems to be what newbies have to post.

Name or Handle: Mib.
Age: 15
Sex: Female.
Location (State): Texas.
Musical Preference: Bipolar, I have no favorite music, just a bunch of stuff I think is good listed in my bookmarks.
Complete the sentence: Thank you, Hot Topic for ruining ______: Invader Zim.

Describe Hot Topic in one word: No word can describe the amount of hostility I hold towards Hot Topic.
Describe Hot Topic in one sentence: Hot Topic is a store that claims to sell "uniqueness" (even though we all know that's a fucking LIE), and helps me to separate those of the human race that are informed from those who are completely clueless.
Are you a former employee?: No.
From that experience, how do you feel about the store?: Never worked there.
Do you like the phrase, "I Poke Badgers with Spoons?": Hell no.
Why or why don't you like that phrase?: Because it sounds like a sad attempt made by a pre-teen girl in hopes of sounding "like, so totally random".
Do you plan on contributing an entry to this community?: Oh, you know it.
Do you shop at the mall?: Admittedly, I do, but I only go there when I need clothes for school, or gifts, and I make sure not to shop at Hot Topic, at least over at American Eagle or Hollister most of the clothes are quality, Hot Topic doesn't even make an effort.
Do you believe in corporate greed?: Yes, there IS such a thing as corporate greed.
Do you know what country Che Guevara is from? (tell me): Rosario, Argentina.
Which do you prefer
Spiked Wristband or Terry Cloth Wristband?: Neither.
Black Lipstick or Eyeglitter?: Neither. I do wear eyeliner, though.
Oi! or Emo?:  Neither. 
Buttons or Patches?: Patches. Buttons fall off all the time.
Armwarmers or Thigh Highs?: Neither.
Combat boots or Platforms?:Combat boots, they're comfy and never wear out.
Safety Pins or D-rings?: Safety pins, they're extremely useful.
Rainbow Brite or Pacman?: Are you kidding me? Pac-man, because the game was fun, but as accessories? HELL no.
Industrial or Nu Metal?: Industrial, but I've gotten pretty tired of 'goths' only listening to industrial because that's the 'goth' thing to do, it gives it SUCH a bad name.

And let me see... picture picture...can't find one I can link you guys to, but I use my own picture as my profile picture.
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