ladygaiajehan (ladygaiajehan) wrote in anti_hot_topic,

lip Service

What I hate most about hottopic is the clothing. Yeah, I know it's pretty much why we all hate hottopic, but this is deeper than that. Lippy makes two lines of clothing, I'm not so sure you all know that. They make one line, which is all the awesome stuff such as the Road to Ruin for lines, pissed and proud, stretch fucking twill, etc etc. The 'underground' '80s' ''gothic' clothing. These items are sold at boutiques and other exclusive stores such as Trash and Vaudvile(nyc) and other stores around the nation that are NOT hottopic.

Then you have the mighty Hottopic. LIpservice makes seperate clothing for this blasted store, clothing that isn't unique and is disgusting. clothing that gives LIp Service and other good brands (such as tripp) a bad name.

Now, what annoys me the worst, is the fact that many people don't know the difference. So automatically assuming that I'm wearing tripp or lippy, they label with the hottopic poser curse and think they are better.

Has anyone noticed the incidious corruption here!??!
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