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This is to all new members, people who are looking to join and people who may have forgotten

Before you leave that comment saying "Hot Topic is kewl, y0u guyz r s0000 stoopid!!!1!1one!1" chew on this -- don't even bother. In case you're too stupid to read the fucking rules, I am making this entry for you.

I have been on vacation and came across a post and some comments that were made here that got my attention.

As it says in the rules & info "THIS IS NOT EBAY". So take your mindless info elsewhere.

Second off, as if this hasn't been said enough, you can like Hot Topic, thats fine, but don't give us your two cents. Go complain about it in your own journal or something else because we don't give a shit. You're only making yourself look like a retard by saying stupid things.

If you want a group for talking about both views on Hot Topic, then go to hot_topicdebate and see if somebody gives a shit there. Go join a pro-HT community for all we care. Jump off a bridge in your "Taking Back Sunday" shirt. As long as we don't have to hear about it, everything is alrite.

Thanks for reading. If I see another pro-HT comment, your ass is getting banned. I'm sick of whiny bitches. I also vote that anonymous comments be disallowed, what do the other mods think of this?

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