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Help me

I dress in "weird" clothing and I over do make-up hair and I only wear dresses and skirts (I lean into the Gothic lolita fashion mostly more like Mana a Japanese Jrocker) I need to find a place to work I wanted to know if anyone knows of any places that would let me work there without having to change everything besides Hot Topic I posted here because I think some of you will understand. (If you dress up everyday and could never imagin having to dress like a normal person? or whatever people think is normal) lets just say I put enough make-up and hair things to make a crossdresser jealous (but cute?) thank you I really need the help but I can't stand Hot Topic it makes me so angry since the clothing just q;nhg;pqerguiqefgq;pa I can't stand ugly clothes and cheap ass fabric! It makes me want to punch a bitch... ok thank you once again.
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